Pacific Lodge Youth Services provides the knowledge, experiences and skills necessary for the growth and development of adolescents to begin and continue living productive lives.

To bring education, health, and hope to adolescents and their families.

Pacific Lodge practices and instills in the boys the following value system for achieving growth and success:

Respect- improves relationships by building trust and self esteem, which facilitate positive compromise and problem solving

Honesty- develops trust in relationships and models positive social behavior for others

Self Worth- is evidence of success and illustrates the pride in doing a good job

Trust- leads to belief in and comfort with others by making it easier to communicate, accept consequences, and achieve success

Responsibility- leads to commitment, vision, and participation by admitting and learning from mistakes and being diligent and prepared

Teamwork- promotes communication and recognition of others’ needs by showing willingness to give and take, which is necessary for inclusiveness and ownership.

Founded in 1923 by the Protestant Welfare Association of Los Angeles County, Pacific Lodge Boys’ Home provided a home to adolescent males to rebuild their lives.  Inspired by the work being done for this population, Milo Bekins of the Bekins Moving & Storage family deeded forty-two acres of land to Pacific Lodge in 1927.  Today, Pacific Lodge sits on 10 acres of beautiful wooded grounds in southern California, part of the original parcel given by the Bekins family.

By 1993, the needs of Los Angeles County had changed and the name of the agency was changed to Pacific Lodge Youth Services to better reflect the diversity of the programs offered to young adults in the juvenile justice and foster care systems.  In 2002, Pacific Lodge became a Level 12 residential treatment program, therapeutically supporting adolescent males coping with substance abuse, broken family systems, mental health problems and other social & emotional challenges. 

Since opening our doors in 1923, the mission of Pacific Lodge to “build productive lives” has remained the same.  We continue to work with members of the community for support and encouragement of our clients who are struggling with their circumstances.